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Custom signature rubber self-inking/pre-inked stamp. Your signature will be sized to fit these dimensions. Create a high-quality replica of your signature. 

To obtain the best signature stamp, sign on plain white paper, use your normal signature size whenever possible. We will resize the signature to fit your stamp. Sign in black ink and do NOT use Ball point or gel ink pens. The best pens to use are felt tip (Bic Flair) pens. The finer your signature the harder it is to work with so it’s best to avoid fine pens.

Send us your signature file. A pdf is best but we can work with most other files.  Your signature should be scanned in at least 300 dpi.  Please ensure the background paper color is white. 

Rubber self-inking stamp size: 37x13mm

Pre-inked stamps size: 45x15mm or 30x20mm(size adjust according your signature design)

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